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WLKY – Alex Durham – June 2019
What’s your favorite charity? Momma’s BBQ needs your help

OPPORTUNITY LIVES – Johnny Fugitt – April 2015
“In an industry where most businesses fail, how has a little barbecue restaurant succeeded to the point where it will donate over $50,000 to charity this year?”
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COURIER-JOURNAL – Nancy Miller – April 2015
“I wouldn’t be surprised if a multitude of people have cajoled and begged Givan for his rub recipe. ”
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CONSUMING LOUISVILLE – Ashlee Thomson – January 2015
“I’ve come to believe in a little bit of magic after several visits to Momma’s. It’s the only way to explain how this restaurant produces consistently fantastic food that charms newcomers, pleases regulars and inspires the staff to deliver warm, down-home service that matches the meals they serve.”
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INSIDER LOUISVILLE – Kevin Gibson – January 2015
“Imagine replacing macaroni with corn, and you’re on the right track. I couldn’t help thinking this may have been the secret to eating corn when I was a kid.”
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VOICE-TRIBUNE – Igor Guryashkin – July 2013
“Cooley sat down with the Voice-Tribune to explain how the Kentucky Derby of all things led to him spending every day perfecting the perfect smoked cut.”
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LOUISVILLE.COM – Madeline Dee –  Feb 2013
“…the beef ribs were huge and incredible. Truly awesome BBQ, and they looked like something out of the Flintstones. Seriously awesome.”
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